Why Girls Dump Their Boyfriends

Relationship nowadays has become a joke for mostly people. People dont respect each other and if they find little bit mistake in their partner then relationship is over.

But some people really not deserve good partners because of their bad nature. Mostly irritated boys are always causing of relationship breakdown and there are lots of reasons behind this statement. Some of them are shown below. So girls if you find these reasons in your boyfriend then dump them for getting a free life.

1.If internet is more important than your relationship for your boyfriend, it means this is the right time for dumping your boyfriend. This is the harsh decision for those men who are connected to the internet more but it is not a bad decision.

If you dont feels like the princess in your boyfriends life it means time has come to leave him. So leave him and it’s better for your life.

If he continuously trying to solve the situation through his stupidity.


Dump your boyfriend, if you get a choice to having a lover in every way. Don’t peddle your boyfriend during work.


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