After getting raped by policeman for a year she raised her voice.

Finally Sakshi Vidyarthi got the justice on 18 May 2015. Court declared 10-year prison sentence and fifty thousand rupees fine against the Amarjeet Shahi who is the police officer (DSP) in UP police.

In Lucknow, the capital city of Uttar Pradesh, the Sakshi’s documentary was released. She set a example for girls who do not report against the coercion crime.



 Sakshi Vidhyarthi thought that she would make a documentary on the events that suffered by her after she was genitally harassed.Name of the criminal is Amarjeet Shahi. He was nominative as DSP in UP Police. Amarjeet and Sakshi became friends of each other. At that time Sakshi was only 15 year old little girl and she had no idea about his intentions. Amarjeet was very slick person so that he mash up very well with Sakshi’s family members and also introduced his wife. That is the main reason that No one doubted on his.



Once Amarjeet mixed the drug into Shakshi's tea and he took photos of her without clothes. Sakshi was alone at her home on 8 Nov 2010 and at that day in afternoon, Amarjeet came at the home. After that he demanded a cup of tea so that she made tea and put the tea in front of him. But the slick minded person again demanded for water. She went to bring water and he found the chance of mixed something in tea.



Sakshi came in delirious state and then Amarjeet took pictures and video of Sakshi.He started blackmailing to Sakshi that if she does not close physically then he leaked her photos and video on internet. After this incident Sakshi was very afraid and she was forced to take his words. Sakshi suffered torture given by Amarjeet from one year.



She was very frustrated and decided to die on 13 March 2012 but she refused her decision for revenge. Sakshi told the entire incident to her family and they filed case on Amarjeet.In June 2013, He got bail and again he started blackmailing to Sakshi’s family. Father of Sakshi is a government officer. He again took drastic steps against him and finally court declared 10-year prison sentence.

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She made a documentary on her tortures and court litigation.For encouraging girls, Sakshi was awarded too many bravery awards.

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